Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Loi Heng Chiang!!!

Happy Birthday! May u get everything u want!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Putrajaya and Cyberjaya

.............Feel very tired nw..coz ''laosai'' for few hours juz after celebrating looi and surianti's birthday at Putrajaya's ALAMANDA...never been here before and never thought ones who brought there was taukeh ayam (known in a.t, s'wan, manjung but not in KL becoz he oli wears seat belt in KL)...who's him? I guess u probably knw la...:)

............sth funny to share...this taukeh actually doesn't knw how to go to ALAMANDA..but just drive drive drive...even kena tipu a few times by someone (doesn't want to name here)...there's one time when he stopped at traffic light, he instructed "signal" to driver in a car besides him)..however, a passenger's who sat besides the driver in that car was the one who responded to him..then hor, that passenger (the driver's friend) told the driver...then hor, the driver looked at taukeh...then hor, dsl used hand language to ask him wind down his car's window to ask him whether he knw how to go ALAMANDA or not...then hor...u knw what's the driver did actually? he opened his car door and wanna come out from his car..gosh!!! How could him decide to come down at traffic light??? Whatever la, he oso tak tau after taukeh tirelessly signaled him to open the car window..

..........Some pictures gonna show here...especially a birthday cake designed and decorated by four of us, namely taukeh, hazirah, alan and me...but the main idea is taukeh himself la..

Originally a pandan cake till it came to's really a tasty cake!!! Its look like a cake u buy from a cake shop rite...^^

Tunang (left) and Pak Wa(right)..Both will kahwin soon after celebrating birthday together..^^


Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Looi Kuan Siong (aka money)

This is my 100th post, specially to wish u Happy 22th Birthday! Firstly, wishing u get a job with a great $$$ asap after ur convo. Secondly, wishing u find a life partner soon. Thirdly, wishing u accomplish all ur dreams soon. May all your wishes come true!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Japanese Spiderman

I only know Japanese have their own version of Kamen Rider, Ultraman, etc, but I never knew Japanese also have Spiderman until I watched this video.

The funny thing is that this Japanese version of Spiderman has a giant robot also!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My future jersey

Hoping to get this new away MU jersey(Black & Blue) with Michael Owen No.7 at the back soon. So nice!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Recently, really has nothing to do while waiting for my research apparatus and the arrival of required ingredients. Actually, my research has started officially last week after submitting and presenting my proposal, yet I have not started it. So, I spent most of my time downloading albums and finished up one of the dramas ~Immigrant Department (ID). This drama quite nice lo but need to be patient as it becomes nicer and nicer as it goes along..

Today, I was extremely shocked when I found out that my weigh has increased tremendously from 69 kg to 72.5 kg. Ooh gosh...I noticed it only when I voluntarily became a subject in my friends' research (they were doing survey type)...Reli shocked since I just measured my weigh on 19th July 2009 and it was 69 kg! What have I done until my weigh increased lots. I wonder...Perhaps I had taken lots of fatty food in a buffet dinner few days ago...or perhaps the measuring instrument should be blamed(not accurate enough) lol...

What I had eaten in Red Box's buffet are shown below, yummyyyyyyyyyyy......

First round (more in third round)

Second round (actually I had eaten three sets but different sushi). This is just one of the sets. Max 4 pieces of sushi per set. Not so fresh compared to Sushi's King~soy sauce+wasabi nia~

So sweet.....I eat more than that...this is just part of it...

Is impossible to finish all...I ate few pieces only....

3 in 1 birthday cake, which represents 3 persons including myself