Wednesday, July 30, 2008

29th July 2008

I went to play futsal with my frens after class. We went to Pusat Arena Sukan at kuchai lama. Only ten of us were playing this time. 5 vs 5 , lasting for 1.5 hours. We don't really take much break from the time the game has started till the end cause it's better to make full use of it since we were charged RM 90 for the entire game, each of has to pay RM 9. Again, I scored the first goal once the game has started but ended up with no scoring until the game has ended cause really tired to run and run. :P We came and back with a kancil. Imagine 5 peoples in one kancil, excluding the driver himself.
After midnight, I was debating with one of my friends who is chelsea fan basically via msn. We have debated for more than 1.5 hours, even longer than the time I spent on futsal. I was one who initiated it after I knew that chelsea only won 2-0 against Malaysia XI team. I kept convincing him to accept that chelsea wasn't as good as it was. But he turned back opposing my ManUtd. I'm lazy to talk so many about what we have been debating here. I admit I wasn't as good as dsl who can write for so so long. How can he done that? Super free LOL...:P There is no winner in the end. My fren offered me a draw and I accepted it cause don't want it to last even longer. I actually almost lose liao..keke.:PP..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a bad day...

28th July 2008
Haiz, I was suffering from diarrhea whole day. Been visiting the toilet many times to pass the loose stool. Reason is unknown. Perhaps because of having supper a day before, followed by immediate sleep subsequently. Or maybe I have eaten something wrongly. Luckily, I was able to control it from the time my class started and till it has ended(10.30 a.m-6.15 p.m). Thanks my bowel!!!


I have been working hard to ensure Ayertawarian Seduction Contest run successfully. However, a CEO from Harmony Poultry Sdn Bhd approached me recently. His name is Ding Siew Long. He has paid me sum of money that I really really beh tahan to accept it. Additionally, he agreed to sponsor me chickens from his farm. I can take how many as I want. His price was seducing enough for me to resign as an organiser of this contest officially and he became the new organiser of this contest. The reason of why he "tak kisah" to spend alot on me is unknown... For further detail, please visit
On behalf of this, I will pay for the loss suffered by the 3 contestants. Perhaps chickens from Harmony Poultry Sdn Bhd only lo.. Hehe..:P

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ayertawarian Seduction Contest 2008

Ok! First of all, I would like to congratulate all the above three contestants who had successfully entered the FINAL of Ayertawarian Seduction Contest 2008!!! Once again, congratulation!!! Sadly, the judges, who I had employed from overseas(Taiwan, Japan and America) costing me almost hundred thousands ringgit were unable to decide who is the most seductive. Unluckily, the audiences, public and their fans were also reluctant to vote for them via smsing because everything had ''naik'' lately. Kedekut betul!!! What can I do as an organiser? Of course I cannot let their popularity just fade and gone like tat mah. Therefore, I hope those who was so lucky to reach here, please do free to vote for them so that I can come out with the best decision. I really really need help from you all. Everyone also can vote, ''yang muda kah, yang tua kah, yang dah kahwin kah, siapa siapa pun boleh lah, tapi janganlah yang ada heart disease''. Great thanks!!! :P


Yesterday, I took part in badminton player nomination to represent pharmacy team in IMU cup.. I took part in doubles..My partner was my friend, same course as me.. We never play as pair together..We just take part, hoping that miracle will happen..:P.. Once we entered the badminton court, we were asked to play after 3 mins...Our opponent was our junior..hehe..:P..Although they were younger than us, but we didn't underestimate them..We already knew that they were good players and paired before for sure..Don't care lo, we just play only..
In the end, we were eliminated from the tournament..That's nvm, but I ended up pain in various parts of my body because did not have enough warming up before the game started..Kanasai, heart pain already, body also pain..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


What do people think about gender? Is that because he is male, he should be treated differently compared to female? Because she is female, she should be treated much better than a male? Of course we know female should be treated well in common..but sometimes, it's really unfair to male instead...
Lets take an example..a food stall, a mixed rice seller, either male or female will have different perception on his or her customers(male)..Mostly, because males are ''hamsap'', they always give a 'beautiful' to those customers who are female..this everyone knows laa..:P But a female mixed-rice seller other way round..terbalik pulak! ...gv a ''sux'' price to a male customer instead, but a nice price to a female...I'm not sure whether all females who selling food have that kind of mentality of not..but it happens to me..I used to buy a mixed rice(chinese) frequently from her..but she(mother and female menantu or daughter I'm not sure) always count me high high...kns betul..not only me, but other guys also..count girls cheap cheap one..I wonder...are they LESBIAN??? =_=""

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I hv nth to do for today..I talk bout yesterdae lo..since now already 00.53 a.m..Nth much to write, so will write whatever lo...This afternoon, I went to buy fried rice..mamak near my place, located besides road..This small gerai has been opened for almost half yrs liao..and still can endure until today..reason: no matter what u sell(food) nearby IMU, u won't bancrupt one..u will earn as much as u wan..coz hard to find food here lo..What happening today was that I had waited about 40 minutes just to have my lunch : Nasi goreng cina + telur mata = RM 4..Kns, people came late than me got their food first..I have to wait even longer than them..what can I do lo? since he was busy preparing almost 30 packets of nasi goreng biasa/nasi goreng pattaya for his customers lo..each packet cost RM 3.5-RM4...he can earn lot jz in 30, stil got people order 10 packets of nasi pattaya after he almost finish preparing..if say nice o not, it's jz okok nia..can fill stomach already enuf..:P
In the evening, I went out to buy food for my dinner lo..this time, even more kns..I approached a new nasi lemak seller, jz wan to test since I hvn't try before..but when I reached near him, I jz look on packed nasi lemak on table..I was reli reli xtremely pack = one ''genggam''.. I can guarantee 3 yrs old children oso won't kenyang after eating it.. what had made feel shock and duran was that nasi lemak cost RM 2.50 per packet..I oso dun hv choice, since I was jz buy lo..Reli reli duran..dun hv pic to show..anyway, it's reli sux..even duran when I uncover it, it was oli a very little amount of white rice and one mouth of chicken..other than that, it did not contain other ingredients..I would never buy nasi lemak from there anymore..
Feel sympathy with dsl..he chianyin...he put alot of effort to get her..but ended up with ''romantic'' ending.. hahaha ..:P

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm back....

Sorry coz never update my blog...I do want to write, but feel lazy and tired to write ..perhaps due to unsettled assignments..Somemore, I still can't solve my sleepiness...T_T...usually sleep during lectures, pretending I didn't sleep but I did sleep actually..even my friend who sits besides me did not notice that I was sleeping actually..of coz with the help of my spectacles lo..if not, they sure can see me sleeping...hehe :P
I dyed my hair last colour kononnya..coz can't tahan people saying my ''colourful'' hair..after dying, it seems not black at all..instead, all my hairs became even more colourful..u guess what colour? Brown colour and bit yellow lol...obvious to be seen in short distance..long distance in the presence of sunlight..anyway, it really too far, still safe coz never see my dean and ''strict'' lecturer..fux lo, according to IMU's rules and regulations, students are not allowed to dye their hairs..what a private U it is?? Reason..must act professionally...Now, I am one who had the longest and colourful hair in my course..tak peduli d..wait they tangkap me..hehe..:P

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tired... tired...sleepy..sleepy..sleepy...take enough rest also sleepy..what an old people am I? =.= Recently, I found myself having memory defect..When I look at one sentence consists of 3-4 words, I will forget it by 3 seconds...and later, I have to think for about 10-20 seconds to flash back what the sentence about... cure liao...T_T Since like that, I definitely cannot work with dsl liao...sked I forgot how many packs of chicken shit I have that, I will rugi a lot if I work..hahaha..:P I rather not to have his chicken rice..:P

Monday, July 7, 2008


Every thing has its price raised...after a month of "Tak Naik Campaign", I can feel the pain of spending money..especially on food..Last time, I used to spend around RM 6-7 daily, but now it no longer the same..I have to spend around RM 8-10 daily...excluding drinks..although the margin difference is only RM 2-3, anyway is around RM 60-90 per month..Imagine u can do a lot of things with that amount of money..can buy few packs of Durex brand condom..haha..:P . I feel like want to become dsl's Indon or even maid(if I have breasts)..haha..since his Indon workers were all so ''xing fu'' chicken rice every morning, free transport, free membership to become an actor(since he always take video and pictures of his workers), so on and so forth..hahaha..:P ..Rugi betul chian yin declined his mas perkahwinan..bigini kononnya..:P
Recently, sleep a lot..dont knw what has happened. around 10-12 p.m already fish alot of fishes..dun wan to be that way..KNS..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blog Abandoned..I'm BACK!!!

Past few days, I'm busy with all my assignments..keep doing but is unfinishing..(WTF!) Lecture notes all thrown study at all!!! (Sooner has to resit exam..choi choi! )Sleeping in almost all lectures, only if the lecturers are kinda boring..Each day is around RM 100, how could I wasted it in such way..why don't I make use of it by paying attention? But no choice laa, I always fail to do so coz many lecturers with soft spoken language really make me sleepy!!! (I don't really sleep laa, eyes close and open alternatively without knew what's going on coz my brain is hibernating) :P
Today went to Puchong IOI mall with frens..watched newly released movie called "HANCOCK"..(cock is flying..hahaha..:P)..This movie quite funny, but exhausted of action..Ending is quite sienzz..overall is ok to watch..good job!!! (a word used by Hancock)...actually is celebrating my friend's birthday(he doesn't knw of it)..but he cannot come becoz his parents came far to see him the plan spoilt lo...
I want to say sorry if my blog is pictures, no videos and no songs...I promise will make it more interesting if I have digicam in the future..(if u say a blog without pictures is interesting, you are a big lyer ever)