Saturday, June 28, 2008

Amazing Race IMU Edition

In the early morning of 26th June 2008 on thursday, I was taking part in Amazing Race organised by my batch B106. It was the first and the last race I took part. This race is much different from what the real Amazing Race is. ^_O. Basically, it was a race to fight for what we want, so-called ''selective course''. What made the race extremely exciting was the limited place of this course, subdivided into 4 subjects with each student only can choose their choice out of 4 choices and each choice is limited only to 28-30 seats. So and so, to get the first choice, everyone but not all out of 111 students queued up very early in front of IMU main entrance. HAHA!!! The first participant to reach is the president of this race(class leader). He was the first to reach past 11.55 p.m in 25th June 2008 although selective nomination time is at 8.30 a.m. At 12.10 a.m, the number of participants increased up to 24, and 28 at 12.20 a.m. Lol..I'm the 29th person to finish the Amazing Race IMU Edition!!! I wonder how super idiot fish I'm..swam with a speed of 25km/hr from my apartment to the IMU main entrance(nth but just a light..damn hot). Wait and wait with the rest "crazy" participants until 6a.m(without a sleep! X_X).. there were about 90 participants around 6 a.m and we all queued up at this time..only had entered IMU at 6.30 a.m..luckily, got aircond inside..we waited until 7.30 a.m(time when all the participants had reached)..went up to selective nomination hall then..took a nap coz the exact time for nomination was 8.30 a.m..
I had never thought to wait from 12.20 a.m until 8.30 a.m. But some people who were too excited turned the game to the other way round..If not, I still can have time to sleep to the fullest..anyway, I had got what I want and sacrifices paid off..although I scared "katak"..:P..the subject I got is so-called veterinary pharmacy..can study a lot of things(dog X dog, chick X rat, etc) from dsloong's lecture notes..hahahaha..:PPPPPP
Blahhh...blahhh..blahhhhh..27th June 2008...blahhhhhh blahhhh...28th June...blahhhhhh..29th June be continued..hahaha!!! ^_^ ii

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going to do something mad..

Both legs are painful because of futsal lo..Need to sleep liao..going to do something crazy continued tomorrow. :P

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When you want something, it doesn't mean you can sure get it.

Today, it's still the same as yesterday, but I wake up late purposely because I can't find anything to do if I wake up early. What the bad consequence is that I can't remember my dream, whether a sweet or bad dream I don't really know it. Anyway, I do expect it was a bad dream since I have been having these bad dreams regularly.
From other point of view, I may look free but it will be going to end soon in fact. After back from school, I went to play futsal with my fellow friends. It was the first time I play futsal. Play somewhere at Pusat Arena Sukan, 10 minutes drive from bukit jalil stadium.I felt extremely tired due to lack of stamina. The payment was damn expensive, RM 50 per hour. We played for two hours only and there were 14 of us. Each team 5 people and oli one team 4 people with a keeper borrowed from the other team. My team got won and lost and I managed to score two goals for my team. Not bad. :P The worst was that I gave away two goals when I became a goalkeeper. Haha. I injured my left leg somemore, so kelian(pity)..T_T
Selective nomination is still in my thought. I don't really know what will happen on this thursday morning. Don't really want to be selected for a subject which I don't have interest at all. But it may happen because I can't control it.. Sighhhh.. Hope a good luck for me. Pray for me yea..hahaha:P . I don't need a pray from dsloong(:P) since he oli pray for his own good one. This is clearly seen on his wedding with chianyin..:PPPPPP

Monday, June 23, 2008

My first day of SEM 5...

After back to KL on sunday night, I have nothing to do..just clean out my room and arrange things I bring along..bad night actually coz can't on9...(actually wires problem(spoilt) due to heavy rain gua according to time's technician)..I have very bad dream..I can't remember clearly what my dream about..I oli know many people were chasing me..want to kill me..I jump frm somewhat like waterfall area..drain by water from waterfall(very high one)..I climb and jump..repeat the same thing more than 3 times in order to survive...hehe, I manage to survive at last...that waterfall area reli very very nice!..wat a FANTASY dream!!!..that dream actually very long one..but I can't remember..sighhhh..if not, can '"chia duai pao" a bit more..:P

Alarm rings..stop dreaming and go to school..the first day is not good at all although have nothing to do..just listen to briefing by Dean and is free..we are introduced again to many many workload..portfolio,project etc..
(it's SUXxx)..somemore got selectives subject(first come first serve basis..>_<)...needa queue for it somemore(sure lost my place to girls whoever sexy or not sexy at all this thursday) the afternoon, I went to have lunch with friends..I told my friend that I will take the same veges and meat as him to see whether we will get the same price or not coz cashier in our cafeteria count by seeing people friend's mixed rice costs RM 4 and I was a little bit cheaper (RM 3.80) though I have more quantity than him..hahaha:P

After finish classes at 5 p.m, go back online lo..xiak bah moh no jo(nth to do), den mah read dsl's and chiang's blog lo..dsl(father asked him to see chicks, he went to snap XXX video)..somemore is ANIMAL!!!(DOG(M) vs DOG(F))...speechless..:PPPPP

Last day to enjoy..(21 June 2008)

Since not much time lefts, I plan to go swimming and watch movie titled ''Hulk Incredible" with Alan and Itik(Quek quek..:P) a day before I back to KL(hell)..We went to Marina Resort swimming pool as specially invited GUESTS(haha..actually, this swimming pool is for guest only..I repeat..GUESTS only..^_^)..but..we look like "pendatang haram" each time we walk nearby the swimming pool becoz we aren't guests mah..hehe..we pretend to be Connie Ding(dsloong's sis)'s guest who worked as sales manager there..haha!
There were activities being held on that day..for "Hari Keluarga"..but all (dsl's kaki..hahaha..:P)..we don't care laa..just quickly jump into swimming pool and enjoy lo..the water damn cool tat day..causing us to have difficulty in breathing..swim and swim and swim...we went out coz they want to give presents wor to all participants..somemore, so many participants walked ahead to swimming pool we went out lol..(wasting our opportunity to become pendatang haram even longer)..
Then, we went to newly opened cinema..once we have entered, POP CORN SMELL!!! yummy!!..we bought tickets(RM 8 per ticket) and then 3 moderate size pop corn(RM 3.80 each)..enter cold inside..hoho!! enjoy watching this regret at nice so nice!!! one people, I asked her go, but she doesn't want though she did say she will if I settle everything..What a waste!!! This girl I no need mention her name liao..everybody knws one..rather went to dsl's chicken farm rather than cheap..:P

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good or Bad day...? (Friday: 20 June 2008)

I woke up very late's already 12.15p.m!!!..I asked could I sleep until lunch time? I felt it is really unforgivable moment I had done since I don't have much time lefts for me to enjoy my holiday..(sigh..2 days more, I don't reli reli enjoy actually)...perhaps I did enjoy all the dreams I had (any kind..^_^ haha)..but recently, I don't remember what I have dreamt at all..dunno why lo?? mebbe superrrrrrr tired guaa..
I have my hair cut today(free..hehe)... but before that, dsloong called me to make an usual lo.."daopin" "daopin" (ais kacang)..(dunno how many times he has been calling me for ''daopin")..1? 2? 3?(so many times until I can't remember)...but I only come twice..HAHA!! He was so enthusiastic to call me although he knew I won't come..(kan lah seng..haha(^_^)..See him so enthusiatic, I did come for it today...(of coz not me and him oli, other participants are itik, hsloke, ah moh, his husband(alan..haha) and ex-??(yvon..hehe)
Sighh..(I walk 150 m to there actually..-_- sueh..motor can't start lah after trying and trying..door locked and can't get my car key(lazy to call my sis to open the door)..becoz of this incident, I came late..when I reach...they have finished all their foods & drinks..sigghhhhhhh...ok, i forgive them becoz it's my fault to come late...what I can't forgive is that some of them asked me to pay(although I knw they are kidding laa except gnoolsd)..after finish, we went for Mr.Cendol..(3x Cendol Special(not special at all becoz my ''pulut'' was stole by yvon)...damn her..^-^...mee rebus besar(shared but 1/2 of it finished by dsloong until von complaint..haha) ended up dsl has to pay for yvon(she has learnt alot from dsloong..hahaha..exp: forgot bring wallet laa..haha)..
We went bck after that..Later, I fetch my mum to buy all the things I needed..I was so so blurrrr on the way bck to my hse..first, I forgot to bring bck my laptop at my sis's hse..2nd, I thought car air cond gas no more liao coz I felt so hot in the car(went to car accessories shop nearby for check up..I reli very malu(shy) coz I actually din turn on sth(dunno what tht thing calls) that was very very basic for a car driver..
That's all...lazy to write liao..tired..haha

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dream comes true..

Finally..finally..& finally...I have my own blog after planning it for a long long time ago..shud be almost two years liao!!! Dream comes true..hurray!!! hahah!!! Such a small dream oso so happy..whoever who is reading my blog sure think I'm "GILA BABI" wonder got one of my friends called ''stupid monkey'' recommended me to use "stupid fish" as my blog's main title..such a stupid monkey...hahahaaaa!!! ^_^