Monday, August 25, 2008

It's too late..

Yesterday, something terrible happened on me. I coughed continuously at night. I just could not stop it or even control it. In the end, I ended up coughing out a blood-tinted phlegm for several times. I was really scared. Several doubts ran through my mind. Am I having tuberculosis(TB)? Am I having pneumonia? Am I having bronchitis? Either of these three conditions or diseases might be the cause of having blood-tinted phlegm on coughing. It's really not good to hear such thing because all of them are really serious to those who contracted it. I called my sister immediately and asked her to bring me to see a doctor. Thanks a lot to her. Without someone closer to you especially when you need them, life really have no more meaning. Friends sometimes don't really can lend a hand when you need their help. It's only the family members can do so no matter when and how much you need it. They are only ones who really care for you.
I think I can't continue writing anymore. I still don't feel comfortable to write. I just feel cold, drowsy and nausea. I will continue next time.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Guess who is this?

1111111111111110000000000111110000000000000000000000 0000 111111111

Since you have a look on it, why don't you give a try? The right answer will be rewarded. ^_^

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fish day..

Have been quite long I didn't update my blog..because busy preparing for my exam(CNS)..just ended today..dunno how bad I had done it(=.='').. cough still haven't recover..first time in my life of having cough for more than 2.5 really really I even feel chest pain on coughing each time I cough...lungs exhausted due to coughing?? or something is going wrong on me?? Erythromycin(antibiotic) given by the doctor seem doesn't help at all..may be I was infected by virus instead of bacteria.
Hope I can recover soon................

F**K !!!

Anyway, someone has promised to treat me SUSHI..she owed me..hehe..ii ^_^ ii

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's now or never..

Finally, I seen the doctor...He refused to give antibiotic to me, but giving me in the end after I kept convincing him(this is the main purpose of why I see the doctor). .He had given me the medications that I already have had, except the antibiotic I required.
Meanwhile, congratulation Lee Chong Wei to become the first ever Malaysian to reach the final of olympic badminton for contending gold medal after having played an awesome badminton won against Lee Hyunil from Korea. The match ended as 21-18, 13-21, 21-13.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Cough...cough..cough...It has been two weeks...but I have yet recover although I have recovered from various illnesses such as flu, fever and so forth..I did take cough syrup but that medication is only specialised in reducing cough, acting as an expectorant. People who are having cough usually are given antiobiotics by a doctor when they see doctor. This is basically why I haven't recover from my cough. It's really uncomfortable to cough for such a long period of time. Aiks.. I have to think of seeing a doctor tomorrow(actually I don't like and lazy to see a doctor).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tree of hope?

My feeling now is just like this tree. All badminton players of Malaysia in olympic except Lee Chong Wei had failed to bring their spirit on. No matter how hard you have fought, things would never be as succeed as being expected.

Monday, August 11, 2008


After finish my last class at 6.30 p.m, I prepare to go watch my batch/pharmacy team playing basketball. It was the opening day for basketball in conjunction to IMU cup. There were 4 teams I watched. The first match was Pharm A(my batch) vs Medic Sem 3 and Pharm B(senior) vs Medic Sem 5. Unluckily, Pharm A lose to medic sem 3 with 8 points. Interestingly, Pharm B won against Medic Sem 5(the situation is just like how U.S beaten China in Olympic game yesterday).
Besides, I went to student launch today(my first time) to watch olympic badminton match(the match between wong choon hann and taufik hidayat(the former olympic gold medalist). This student launch actually got nice sofa, air-conditioned, snooker set,football set,etc. Everyone does not agree that choon hann will win, considering his age factor. But I believe of him and he finally did it. He played a superb match today with a lot of enthusiasm and energy as well as courage and determination. Proud of what he had done. The score of the match was 21-19 and 21-16. Then, I played football set with my friend who was going with me. Football set I meant was that can be controlled and spinned. Nice game!!! I really enjoy it!! Will consider to play it again the next time.
Then after finish, went out the student launch, saw tennis table..Haha..Then asked my friend to play also.. In the end, I went home with a lot of sweat. Have to bath again. I damn damn want to drink cold water. Aiks, but unhealed cough restricts me to do so.. Aiks aiks aiks...T_T..

My Birthday(Passed memory)...2 Aug 2008

To be honest, it was a really pity birthday for me..Not many people were at Ayer Tawar during my birthday and I have to give myself a suprise by planning and hoping someone will follow my plan. My plan is simple, just going to McDonald and watch the movie that I really want to watch that time which was "Dark Knight". I would like to thank dsloong and alan for their sacrifices. Thanks dsl for buying the cake(I knw he purposely want to buy choco cake..=_='') and thanks alan for paying the cake(:P) and thanks to all who have contributed to this cake and my present. Again, I would like to thank dsl of being able to get this tasty cake(It was better than secret recipe!!!)

After watching the movie, we went to ''lepak'' at mamak stall. Huei Sen and Hok Hing were here also because they were coming to the cinema for "Dark Knight'' as well. Then, me and alan ''lepak" at dsl's hse until 5.++ a.m. I went back with alan after that. This is how I passed the first day of my birthday without a birthday cake celebration.

The next day(considered as the same day), I asked dsl and alan for birthday cake celebration. After considering many places, dsl voluntereed to come my hse. They reached my house at critical time(a clock showing 12 p.m soon). However, I ended up having my birthday cake celebration after 12 p.m. Feng shui gone.. What's pity is that nobody is singing a birthday song to me..

The birthday song which I was waiting for finally appeared when I was on my way back to KL. In bus, someone phoned me and she sang a birthday song to me. She was...

Thank You!!!

This was how I had passed my 21st birthday in my hometown with my friends...

Congratulation Man Utd!!!

Yesterday, I watched Manchester United took on Pompey in a community shield match. Community shield match is actually a match between a Premier League winner(last season) and a FA cup winner(last season). Man Utd dominated the game. However, the players couldn't find the net after chances and chances. Eventually, the match brought on to penalty without an extra time(community shield match does not have extra time). Man Utd won in penalty 4 to 1. It was a damn funny penalties taken by the Pompey's players. Haha.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Announcement after lost..

First of all, I want to apologize because my blog was super outdated. I was sick started on the last week and yet recover until now. Actually, I have many things that I would like to write and update, but energy, mood and as well as enthusiasm to write have been restricting me to do so. After recovered from fever, cough and runny rose yet has recovered and now another problem is troubling me. That's GUM ulcer. (T_T)