Friday, July 31, 2009

Japanese Spiderman

I only know Japanese have their own version of Kamen Rider, Ultraman, etc, but I never knew Japanese also have Spiderman until I watched this video.

The funny thing is that this Japanese version of Spiderman has a giant robot also!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My future jersey

Hoping to get this new away MU jersey(Black & Blue) with Michael Owen No.7 at the back soon. So nice!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Recently, really has nothing to do while waiting for my research apparatus and the arrival of required ingredients. Actually, my research has started officially last week after submitting and presenting my proposal, yet I have not started it. So, I spent most of my time downloading albums and finished up one of the dramas ~Immigrant Department (ID). This drama quite nice lo but need to be patient as it becomes nicer and nicer as it goes along..

Today, I was extremely shocked when I found out that my weigh has increased tremendously from 69 kg to 72.5 kg. Ooh gosh...I noticed it only when I voluntarily became a subject in my friends' research (they were doing survey type)...Reli shocked since I just measured my weigh on 19th July 2009 and it was 69 kg! What have I done until my weigh increased lots. I wonder...Perhaps I had taken lots of fatty food in a buffet dinner few days ago...or perhaps the measuring instrument should be blamed(not accurate enough) lol...

What I had eaten in Red Box's buffet are shown below, yummyyyyyyyyyyy......

First round (more in third round)

Second round (actually I had eaten three sets but different sushi). This is just one of the sets. Max 4 pieces of sushi per set. Not so fresh compared to Sushi's King~soy sauce+wasabi nia~

So sweet.....I eat more than that...this is just part of it...

Is impossible to finish all...I ate few pieces only....

3 in 1 birthday cake, which represents 3 persons including myself

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crazy, tired but enjoy!

Just went back awhile after tiring for a half day. I think I really did something crazy today in which I started to queue up at 1 p.m(though the match is scheduled to start at 5.30 p.m). What to do since there were so many people queued up before 1 p.m. Everyone wants to get a ''feng shui'' seat, so definitely will do whatever to achieve it.

So many fans queue up...

Including three ''sohai'' fans....

Jenan oso..Hehe

Our ''feng shui'' row..

Finally, we can sit and wait after waiting outside the gate for so long...all faces look totally dehydrated since we were exposed to sun directly..what to do, hv to sacrifice for a better view

Match about to start....

Match in 100,000 fans came, imagine hw much $$ tht MU has earned..

after the end of the match...

Patrick Evra was throwing his shirt to fans...haiz haiz..seen this picture makes me even sad...I could hv got his jersey if he threw far abit(few inches more)...coz he was throwing exactly to my direction...tats nvm, I thought Anderson who was wearing a yellow shirt behind will throw his jersey again to my direction, but then he threw it to other side...T_T

There will be a rematch match on Monday...thinking of whether I should go o not...If u r fanatic fan, would u go again after watching the same match just two days before?

Friday, July 17, 2009

A day I would remember。

Really happy and excited today. A dream comes true to me though it wasn't in Old Traffold. Can't imagine that I would able to witness myself, most of the first team players of Manchester United who turned out in Bukit Jalil Stadium today. So so excited lol, having be able to see some great players like Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, Berbatov and Van der Sar. Though it was just a training, there were approximately 30, 000 fans who turned out there. All the fans were so supportive, I do think the players will definitely be suprised lol.

No pictures to upload here, will upload some pictures next time coz all inside Jenan's camera. 3x zoom is not enough. Perhaps binocular or 10x zoom camera oli will do. I'm thinking that it will be great if I have hc's camera. Haha. Hopefully can see better on tomorrow live match between Malaysia XI and ManUtd.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


He Would Probably Hit That Young Ass

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Hoong Ming Sie (a.k.a pig, monkey and ''ngong boh'')

Almost forgotten today is ''ngong boh'' birthday.

Haha. I have one wish here, only one wish.....

Wishing you.....

"Fat" faster and always remains "fat" forever...wakaka

By the way. I'm younger than u d... I'm so happy to hear that u're one year older than me!!! Kekeke

Here, I present u a birthday song....

and a cake.....