Sunday, November 30, 2008

Play safe!

I know most of you might have try to use a condom before and some of you might already expect on how to use it! However, humans do make a mistake sometimes. He or she may miss out some important steps. May be too excited until cincai mari. So, what are the important steps when using a condom??

1. Open the package carefully so you don't damage the condom.
2. Press the air out of the condom tip before putting it on.
An air bubble can cause the condom to tear or come off.
3. If you are not circumcised, make sure the foreskin is pulled back before you put on the
4. As you unroll the condom down over the entire penis, make sure there is enough room-at
least a half inch of space at the tip for semen(air mani) to collect.
Some condoms have a reservoir tip that solves the problem. Check the package!
5. Smooth out air bubbles to make sure the condom fits securely.
6. After having fun, hold the condom tightly at the rim and pull out slowly while the penis is still
hard so the semen does not spill out.
7. Never recycle. If you put it on incorrectly, always start over with the new one.

Take a few minutes.....


Not like this!!!

But this......

Have fun!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Concerned that more people are resorting to ending their lives at the first sign of problems, police are considering enforcing the law on attempted suicide as a form of deterrence.

Under the law, it is not a crime if a person is caught at the preparatory stage of suicide (for example, if someone is caught after writing a suicide note or in the midst of tying a noose to hang himself). However, if he is already hanging on a noose but the rope snaps and he is caught alive, it is considered an offence under Section 309.

Section 309 of the Penal Code stated that anyone guilty of attempted suicide could face imprisonment of up to a year or fined or both, police had not been enforcing it.

What do you think of this enforcement? Shall it be enforced? I think this law should not be enforced as suiciders will be more prone to commit suicide if they are charged in court.

Something to write now...

I heard a strange sound 15 minutes ago around 1.10 a.m while I was chatting in msn. That sound really kinda scary. It sounded like a ghost crying sound. My heartbeat and breathing just stopped immediately once I heard it. I'm sure that is not a cat sound. Huhuh... Perhaps this is the consequence of watching ghost clips continuously in a whole day. write something funny. The funny thing is a sentence spoke by Iek to me, chian yin and ling zhou when reached his house. That time ling zhou fetched him back. Once Iek went down from the car, he told us that his mum will scold him if he has not had enough fun. In contrast, he said his mum doesn't mind, won't scold him and will be happy if he has had enough fun even if he played the whole day. I guess u all catch what I'm trying to say. Hahaha. ^^

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Past and Present

External hard disk spoilt. Thought it was a casing problem(pray so hard) but I was wrong in the end. Just fall it last few days and only noticed it a day after fallen. The bad thing is that I'm not in the scene when it fall by itself(approximately 1.2 m high). I thought it would be ok since I have hard disk bag covered it but it wasn't. So poor this brand(Seagate SATA). I think Seagate IDE is much better than this one. What to do lo..having take a very good care on it usually by putting it in a box each time after I use it(in kl). But that usual when I use it at home(a.t)...jz simply put it somewhere without putting it inside a box since i used it quite frequent...bang! bang! All my data(>140 GB) lost...need to wait 3 weeks for a is very important to me now as I kept all the new dramas and movies inside..How could I spend parts of my holiday without it? Sighh..

Trying to find something to do everyday, probably not an eat eat eat plan anymore...Just searching and watched a few ghost clips in youtube and plan to watch all those which are interesting at least..Show u a short clip below...some of u might have watch usual, make sure sound volume is about max...u will like it! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Robbery at Ayer Tawar!

A robbery took place at Shell Station Ayer Tawar on last monday around 1.55 p.m! This picture shows a male around 25 to 30 years of age was pretending to buy something inside the Shell shop. You might think this person was a female. But you are wrong, he actually was wearing a fake hair(clever lo..mebbe he was a pondan..haha) and he wore thick clothes(to store parang and money probably)..Walking with slipper somemore! He robbed by himself without partners and that time there was only a cashier girl inside the shop..However, there were still many people in and out to pump petrol and diesel outside including the workers..Probably he was a drug addict!! Doing such a bravery attempt! This man managed to escape with just RM 400 (coz taukeh's wife too kiamsiap...already prepared and kept the money...hahax)...If not...I think this man sure hehehe d..

Interesting or jz a normal picture???

Found this picture while I was reading manga. Its seem special to me...I'm sure you all might interpret this picture in different ways as I did...lolx..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What does the word family means to you ????

You would probably say....they mean the world to me la....nothing can be more important than my family la....and blah blah blah and so on.

Simply...its mean....


Dunno you all notice this or not...^^

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Learn Hokkien

I knew you all are expect in many languages. However, you may not know some important languages indeed. For example, there's some basic hokkien you should know either to cari makan or for some sorts of protection in the future. Take some time to play, watch and listen a video below and I guarantee you will learn some important words then.

Enjoy!!! ^^

Another dream..

Nothing to write, so I will write about my dream again. Can't remember what I dream on previous two days but remember what I dream last night.

I dream of having exam during secondary school day. I had this kind of dream last time. But what I dream today is about different subject. Last time I dream sitting for add. math test. Now, I dream having English test and the teacher who monitored us was Pn.Liew.

Actually I felt nervous in both dreams. In the first dream, I came late and that time Mr.Ding was the one who monitored us. In second dream, I knew I probably have fail the English test because there's changes have been made on the main question. Without knowing what has been changed, I can't really proceed. U knew why? Because I didn't pay attention to what she has said about the changes. We were not allowed to ask for a repeat again. Knowing I can't do anything and that I definitely will fail, I woke up immediately from my dream. I realized that I was dreaming actually and did not fail in the test. Relieved...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

11th November 2008

On 11th November 2008, I went to bitch house to take some HK drama series. Pinky, pig, monkey..whatever la..haha..Later, suddenly rain heavily. Bitch then called durai asked him whether got any plan or not. Durai said no plan and just asked us to go McD. Then, bitch said wanna watch movie at cinema. So went there but all the movies not so nice. Supposedly want to watch Quarantine, but yet available. In the end, we didn’t buy any ticket since other movies also not so exciting. That time still rain very heavily and we have not meet up with durai yet who was waiting us at McD. He kept calling us, asking where we were....when he played a mother’s role??? :P

Then, we went to a pharmacy shop near The Store there. Unexpectedly, that bitch buy so many 003…transparent and got emotions one…haha..We reached McD then and that durai carried an umbrella ran towards my car while I kept driving since he always did the same to me. It’s unbelievable that durai also needs an umbrella. Hahax. Actually, he was kind-hearted; he actually brought it for that bitch instead of me. That time still raining. Then, we went to kopitiam lo..Cibai durai, purposely guided me the wrong way.

I ordered tom yam nyok in coconut and ice kacang lo. Bitch also ordered the same..since she was also known as pig…she can’t escape of pig’s behaviour and so she ordered additional fried rice. That durai bit clever whereby he ordered tom yam seafood. Actually, tom yam seafood and nyok were almost the same..just one inside a coconut and one inside a bowl. However, the major difference is that seafood has more seafood than nyok.

My tom yam nyok

Durai's tom yam seafood

Bitch's fried rice

Top: Bitch(Bigger) ; Left bottom: Me(small) ; Right bottom: Durai(biggest) we went to Maybank nearby coz that bitch wants to withdraw money. As usual, that durai followed her lo.. I waited inside the car about 15 minutes but they yet come out. Then I just went in…bitch maybank card got problem..invalid account..etc..called for help and then settled after 30 minutes. I thought that bitch will only spend 30 minutes for make-up, but she withdrawn money also take such long. :P

Then went to McD. That bitch expensed us MiloMcFlurry and we ate slowly in front of her. Her saliva kept dripping. :P.. Later, went to durai’s house. This time we curi-curi take some pictures behind his car. Lotsa water kept coming out at the back of his car just like urinating. That bitch took so many but only few boleh pakai nia. Here the pictures.

Kencing sikit-sikit

Kencing manyak-manyak

When almost reached his house, he suddenly turned to the right..This time I almost kena accident. I reversed my car in order to follow him and forgot to see behind. A big mistake again! Luckily, I heard horn horn..if not, sure die this time. This was a bad memory because I had accident last time due to the same mistake. Thanks god! We still went to his house. Figure out one thing in his house which was about his youngest brother. He spoke so soft to his sister but extremely rude to durai. Bitch told me one.That’s all.

Trip to Genting

Quite busy to update my blog recently. Don’t really have time to write although I do have few things to post. Plan to post yesterday but my house’s tmnet line restricted me to do so(the line damn sux, sometime ok, but sometime can’t work at all).

First of all, I will write about my trip to Genting which I went on 12th November 2008 with batch mates. Genting, as everyone knows is a place full of entertainment. But I guess everyone of us has lose the feeling of going there for entertainment since there is not much changed been made there, especially the games there. Corkscrew, flying coaster, space shot, bumper car and so on…what else we can play other than these?? No right…so just repeating what we have played before there and it’s damn boring lo. More you play; your heart beat will slow down even further even though the games do need courage to play like space shot and corkscrew(yee fang scared lo...hahax)

It’s more frustrating the day I went there, whereby most of the games are out of service. But one game which I would remember was the Fun Cart. We played before, but that time the F1 I got was damn slow. The introductory recorded sound about this Fun Cart is quite funny. The speaker was a Malay guy. He said, “This is Fun Cart, not Gold Cart and not Bumper Car…Ini untuk suka-suka, bukan untuk lumba-lumba..”. I really enjoy this time coz the F1 I had chosen was fast. It’s No.16, remember..haha..

Other F1s were quite fast also (No.7, No.8, No.11, No.15). Supposedly I choose No.7, but one Malay guy was even faster than me. In the end, all F1s had been taken except one leaved in the end and that’s what I took..No.16! I still remember I gone through many laps and lumba sama No.7..hahax..He kept blocking me in the front…damn lol..but near the sharp corner there, I took advantage by turning 360o when both of us were driving near to each other at the same speed. I managed to potong him..hehe..

Ok. Now I will talk about my first time experience in casino. I did not play for the first entry. Just observing around since I have not been there previously. I still remember last time, have been trying so many times in order to enter..but failed to enter in each trial. That time with looi, we searched many holes to get in…but it was disappointing..Lol…this time…the guard did not check me for the first entry…den later after midnight…I went again with friends and this time was checked by the guard. Kns, just show him the IC lo..

There were many elderly in casino rather than adults. One thing which shocked me was that a 80 years of age women was playing “lau hu gi” there. That’s still ok…I still can accept..but she was sitting on her wheelchair and play! Some other elderly people were quite samseng oso…playing with both their foot on the machine. Huhu…see, elderly people are even more addicted than us…

I don’t know anything about any games inside…For me, it’s quite complicated to involve in any games there and I think that I do need lot of money if I want to join.. Many type of games are offered there such as roulette, three pictures, money wheel, french boule, touchbet-roulette, pontoon(internationally popular banking game Twenty-One, best known form of Blackjack in American actually differs from Blackjack in which it’s much more complicated), three card poker and tai sa(aka sic bo..if read in hockchew…damn funny lol..haha).

Out of all the games, I played this tai sai lo. I guess everyone knows this game lo. For those don’t know, it’s actually a game played with 3 dice where you predict the numbers on the dice once they are being shaken. I’m not so familiar with this game but just play only lo..The minimum bet for each time is RM 10 lo…damn big the amount..It’s still ok for those who work but not for students like us.. I thought I can win geh since this was the first time I played in the end, I ended up losing the money without any win in every round…I bet came out small..I bet small..I came out big…F**K

One of my friends quite lucky…won in the first game and continually won until he earned around RM 70-80. Then, he started to lose gradually once the person in charge has been changed..initally was a guy…den changed to a girl..that girl damn fierce lol…he lost all the money he had earned plus additional RM 10..Just assume the money we lost for charity lolx..

At night dinner, we ate at the first world hotel cafĂ©…many variety of food there…I think I had tried most of food there...nicer than theme park hotel restaurant..damn full..(it will be a heaven for dsl..hahax)..

It’s all about my trip to genting..two days one night…Hoping to go with you all one day…bring back lotsa money..hahax..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The night of EOS

Just having a night buffet dinner with all my batch mates few hours ago. This dinner is specially made to celebrate the end of semester as well as to strengthen our bonding before we all have our own path in the future. It was celebrated at Izzy's cafe which is near to Pavillion and opposite to McDonald there. Each of us has paid quite lots but the food there were moderately okok only. Not so nice and less of variety of food. Only the cheesy pasta is the nicest which I never tasted it before. Hope to have a taste again in the future. Don't have any pictures to show you all since I don't have a camera(planning to buy a camera). Lotsa activities and fun there. One of the activities is present exchange. Unfortunately, my partner is XY. He sure happy with the present I gave which is 003. Quite sad coz I didn't get a present in exchange from him but it's ok. Still acceptable since he wasn't XX.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I have dreamt many weird dreams during the exam period. This is usual me. It's impossible that I don't have dreams. Does dream a nice thing to have? Some may feel it was nice to have a dream but some may not feel the same. One thing I don't really understand is that all my dreams are related to death. Death like I may not survive in my dream. I was almost been killed in all my dreams, but I survived in all dreams in the end. Oh gosh...why this kind of dreams happened so frequently? Am I too stress? Or this is a sign of having schizophrenia???
Lets me tell u some of my dreams which happened a few days ago...a short summary
1) This dream is about a big biawak found in drain in Ayer Tawar(mebbe I read chiang's blog
about the biawak a day before I dream..haha). While I was driving motor passing
through a small wooden bridge, suddenly a big biawak emerged and pulled down the person
who was driving in front of me. I was quite fortunate to be able to survive. Lotsa adrenaline
rush here. Unfortunately, he was dead. Following the incident, the biawak started to attack
most of the houses in Ayer Tawar.
2) This dream is about swimming. However, this time is different. We(jenan, itik, looi, dsl, alan,
ming sie and me) went to swim in middle of deep sea(ombak quite strong one) underneath a
bridge. Level upgraded already..haha:P. This dream not so scary but funny instead. Ming sie
who doesn't knw how to swim jumped first, while I was stil thinking whether to jump o not.
She was the first to jump. God blesses her. She was shouting like a pig(giu wai ah, giu wai
ah..(help me..)..Then, jenan became a hero lo, jumped in and saved her. Later I
jumped in, haha..I feel nothing..breath like on the ground..and actually, the sea depth is only 2
metres like that.
3) The next dream happened on today. This time, chiang involved too. This dream is like a war
between two groups of people(black and white gua). Chiang is our leader. This dream
happened at kg jering. Got kolam here(people used to rear fishes here before, but I guess now
no more dy). Got three kolam here(depth, moderately depth and small depth). We were
fighting in small kolam one. One of the opponents drove a bus and show off. He was driving
like a roller coaster around the kolam. Damn fast oso in reversing way. Haha. Not so
remember this dream so can't write more. Jz roughly write only.

My dreams really weird. Hoping to have more sweet dreams rather than this kind of dreams.

Break dance in the air!!!

When u see this picture, u may think that someone is showing his break dance skill. Haha. U are right! But, this guy was actually break dance in the air. He was more professional than any one else in the world who involved in break dance. Nobody can show off this kind of break dance unless he or she is belong to this group of people. This dance was shown on last few days near my apartment which is just next to where I stay. I can see this dance through my room's window. But, unfortunately, I was sleeping that time. The next early morning when I woke up, I saw police car. The scene was just like what u all seen in CSI. Hehe. I guess u all get what I meant
I guess he had taken too much 'ice' yesterday and felt peaceful to the world. Or other reasons..


Finally, I can jump out from the sea after being caught inside the cage for so long!!! HAHAX