Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mr Durai's birthday celebration

Today really enjoy alot although I have threw off that "relationship(can refer to yee fang's to know what actually this relationship)" for whole day. Really having alot of fun talking to each other about anything such as past primary school memories(from kindergarden till standard 6) and no doubt about XXX as well. Haha. Yvon was so so....(:P).
There were two bad memories at this party; 1) MU drew with Everton (huey ling was there and so happy), 2) most of them drunk (as a result, no play a card game called "pian xiak"- looi and me have been addicted to this game but nobody seems want to play, hopefully can play again next gathering).


Chiang said...

good la... got chance to gathering and talk talk... when is my turn?

lcyu said...

haha..during chinese new year lo since everyone is back.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait for chinese new year...:):)
mebbe i've made the wrong decison of going back soo late..

lcyu said... another ticket..hahaha

looi said...

yaya addicted to that game already. Too bad that night too dizzy to play. Some more can't find enthusiastic player like me and lycu.

Yalah Yf, buy another ticket and fly back la. If no job at there, you'll only wasting money to buy food and time. When you see us go jalan jalan and cari makan, then tat time u wan to come back also no chance!!!

アラン様 said...

Haha. Very very agree with looi.