Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lesbian test

Since 卖女孩的小火柴 only provides a Gay test, I think I should provide a Lesbian test as well.

Abnormal (Warning!!!)

  • For female, if you have a greater difference in length between ring finger and index finger, it means you may be a lesbian....
  • For male, the theory is the same lo(provided you have several older brothers)..more deviation u have in terms of length between the ring finger and index finger from the normal length as shown above, then you are likely a gay or a lesbian...
  • The results of the study: lesbians did tend to have more man-like finger ratios (shorter index fingers), gay men only had a greater difference than straights if they had several older brothers.
  • This controversial theory was made by a group of scientists from University of California. They said that the difference in finger length was due to exposure to androgen (male sex hormones) in the womb.

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