Friday, July 17, 2009

A day I would remember。

Really happy and excited today. A dream comes true to me though it wasn't in Old Traffold. Can't imagine that I would able to witness myself, most of the first team players of Manchester United who turned out in Bukit Jalil Stadium today. So so excited lol, having be able to see some great players like Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, Berbatov and Van der Sar. Though it was just a training, there were approximately 30, 000 fans who turned out there. All the fans were so supportive, I do think the players will definitely be suprised lol.

No pictures to upload here, will upload some pictures next time coz all inside Jenan's camera. 3x zoom is not enough. Perhaps binocular or 10x zoom camera oli will do. I'm thinking that it will be great if I have hc's camera. Haha. Hopefully can see better on tomorrow live match between Malaysia XI and ManUtd.

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CeCci MinC said... going to buy hc's camera soone...anyhow need his advice on this...cant find a chance to talk to him yet..keke

lousy fish....sit at keeper there apa guna?