Monday, December 15, 2008

I've bEeN TagGEd loNg tiMe aGo...

I also dunno what’s all about these tag tag things laa..

I jz knw I get shocked after I didn’t on9 for a week...
once I look on the chatbox...
there were many tag tag things lo..
and I was tagged by few bad people…hehe
actually I didn’t plan to write lo coz feel lazy…

But since I really have nothing to do now..

Lets me take a breath first…hmmm

According to whoever who tagged me....
after being tagged..there are some rules to be followed..
the list of the rules are:

  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
  • Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  • Link the person who tagged you.
  • Leave a comment for each blogger.'s begin !!

7 FaCtS AboUt FisHy tHat yOu MigHt DoN't KnoW

  • Fishy is actually comes from my first name Yu(mandarin..people use to call me Ikan Yu(shark) during primary school time.. I’m the youngest in my family and hence the most naughtiest and playful one..I don’t like to study when I was young(primary school) and hence I always spend my time lepak with those kids who aged younger than in neighborhood.. I use to steal my mother’s money and spend all of it on dragon ball cards, etc…To what you don’t expect, I’m close to Chin Huey Ping from primary 1 to 3…
  • I like to cook and do houseworks(if you want me to work for u..I may consider it if I have nothing to do..but salary mz be much much higher than normal ah sam..coz I’m male k..)
  • Football is my passion…Not only playing, but I love watching football very very much...I can’t live without it.. Occasionally, I do watch though there are exams on the next day.Remember, I’m Manchester United’s fan..I have one dream here, that is going to Old Trafford with hsloke one day.. Other than football, I do like all type of sports as well as drawing..
  • Good patience but indecisive(will take long time to buy a thing)..I don’t mind to wait people but muz not exceed 1 hour…
  • I luv BMW and hope to own it one day(my dream since I was young...shit, bitch/pinky pig so bad..copies my dream car..)

7 UnSpEctAcuLaR QuiRkS

  • Dreaming most of the time about anything…
  • Always go to toilet first, either big or small every time before I go out…
  • Always make sure things (assignments, etc) get done as soon as possible..will work extremely hard to try finish first before engaging in any activities
  • Always pee and wash legs first before sleep
  • Don’t like to talk, depending upon who I talk to...
  • Don’t smile a lot..(some people even consider my normal expression face as an angry face)
  • Don’t respond to people sometimes when they are talking to me..but I really can’t hear them...(irresponsible humans and animals like pinky pig shit throws rubbish, make up and shità chemical substances poisoned meà floating on seaà can’t breath comfortablyà hearing neurons dieà hearing impairments)

0 unLucKy PeOpLE TaGGeD By <’)>>#

See u all so time etc..i jz break the rules

4 LucKy PeOpLE TaGGeD <’)>>#


CeCci MinC said...

'I’m close to Chin Huey Ping from primary 1 to 3…'
- wow!!surprisingly to c next time when we gaher muz ask u to call her out!

'I luv BMW and hope to own it one day(my dream since I was young...shit, bitch/pinky pig so bad..copies my dream car..)'
- i neva steal urs..shud say u steal mayb can change to.we r having the same dream cars!!cheers!

"irresponsible humans and animals like pinky pig shit throws rubbish"
- u r wrong on tis..piggy very lazy alwis sleep..has no time to throw rubbish to poison ur home..blek^^

アラン様 said...

no need i steal yours, you steal mine la.
become couple then share share lo. haha

Chiang said...

yala~~~ don't gaduh gaduh, once kahwin oso same de la~~~