Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a GOOD day.....

Planned three activities with looi today...but all failed...sigh sigh

1st activity: Climbing at Bukit Busuk (failed coz of raining)
2nd activity: Swimming at swimming pool at Marina Resort (failed coz of some sort like buffet
3rd activity: Copying things from durai's house (his house too many relatives)

Where we lepak before going to durai's house....coz durai attended wedding dinner until 9 p.m

1st: Cinema~ no nice movie is available
2nd: Going to Nasi Ayam Mama~ Looi ate chicken rice + chocolate drink and me mee soto+
3rd: Lepak at nothing..
4th: Going to see futsal court behind Giant supermarket...ask for a price so next time when
chiang bck, we go play there..
For every hour: RM 69(morning), RM 99(afternoon until midnight), RM 89(after midnight)

Then we went back home.....

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