Monday, August 11, 2008

My Birthday(Passed memory)...2 Aug 2008

To be honest, it was a really pity birthday for me..Not many people were at Ayer Tawar during my birthday and I have to give myself a suprise by planning and hoping someone will follow my plan. My plan is simple, just going to McDonald and watch the movie that I really want to watch that time which was "Dark Knight". I would like to thank dsloong and alan for their sacrifices. Thanks dsl for buying the cake(I knw he purposely want to buy choco cake..=_='') and thanks alan for paying the cake(:P) and thanks to all who have contributed to this cake and my present. Again, I would like to thank dsl of being able to get this tasty cake(It was better than secret recipe!!!)

After watching the movie, we went to ''lepak'' at mamak stall. Huei Sen and Hok Hing were here also because they were coming to the cinema for "Dark Knight'' as well. Then, me and alan ''lepak" at dsl's hse until 5.++ a.m. I went back with alan after that. This is how I passed the first day of my birthday without a birthday cake celebration.

The next day(considered as the same day), I asked dsl and alan for birthday cake celebration. After considering many places, dsl voluntereed to come my hse. They reached my house at critical time(a clock showing 12 p.m soon). However, I ended up having my birthday cake celebration after 12 p.m. Feng shui gone.. What's pity is that nobody is singing a birthday song to me..

The birthday song which I was waiting for finally appeared when I was on my way back to KL. In bus, someone phoned me and she sang a birthday song to me. She was...

Thank You!!!

This was how I had passed my 21st birthday in my hometown with my friends...

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アラン様 said...

Sorry that not able to make your birthday grand. Sorry. =_=