Monday, August 11, 2008


After finish my last class at 6.30 p.m, I prepare to go watch my batch/pharmacy team playing basketball. It was the opening day for basketball in conjunction to IMU cup. There were 4 teams I watched. The first match was Pharm A(my batch) vs Medic Sem 3 and Pharm B(senior) vs Medic Sem 5. Unluckily, Pharm A lose to medic sem 3 with 8 points. Interestingly, Pharm B won against Medic Sem 5(the situation is just like how U.S beaten China in Olympic game yesterday).
Besides, I went to student launch today(my first time) to watch olympic badminton match(the match between wong choon hann and taufik hidayat(the former olympic gold medalist). This student launch actually got nice sofa, air-conditioned, snooker set,football set,etc. Everyone does not agree that choon hann will win, considering his age factor. But I believe of him and he finally did it. He played a superb match today with a lot of enthusiasm and energy as well as courage and determination. Proud of what he had done. The score of the match was 21-19 and 21-16. Then, I played football set with my friend who was going with me. Football set I meant was that can be controlled and spinned. Nice game!!! I really enjoy it!! Will consider to play it again the next time.
Then after finish, went out the student launch, saw tennis table..Haha..Then asked my friend to play also.. In the end, I went home with a lot of sweat. Have to bath again. I damn damn want to drink cold water. Aiks, but unhealed cough restricts me to do so.. Aiks aiks aiks...T_T..

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