Monday, August 25, 2008

It's too late..

Yesterday, something terrible happened on me. I coughed continuously at night. I just could not stop it or even control it. In the end, I ended up coughing out a blood-tinted phlegm for several times. I was really scared. Several doubts ran through my mind. Am I having tuberculosis(TB)? Am I having pneumonia? Am I having bronchitis? Either of these three conditions or diseases might be the cause of having blood-tinted phlegm on coughing. It's really not good to hear such thing because all of them are really serious to those who contracted it. I called my sister immediately and asked her to bring me to see a doctor. Thanks a lot to her. Without someone closer to you especially when you need them, life really have no more meaning. Friends sometimes don't really can lend a hand when you need their help. It's only the family members can do so no matter when and how much you need it. They are only ones who really care for you.
I think I can't continue writing anymore. I still don't feel comfortable to write. I just feel cold, drowsy and nausea. I will continue next time.

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