Friday, September 5, 2008


I still remember this date. It sounds nice because so many 8s. But it was actually the date when I lost my 4 GB Kingston pendrive. I lost it when I went to one of the places in the library, called elab(computer lab). I went in to print my things, but ended up lost my pendrive. What happened actually was that when I was printing my things, a male(sigh..not a girl) approached me. He was asking me whether I was using that pc which had another pendrive on usb drive. My pendrive was located just beside that pendrive which I figured out initially when I came to elab to use that pc. He asked me, is that your pendrive? I replied him no lo since that pendrive was not my belonging. Furthermore, I was busy loading and taking out paper from the printer that time.

Suddenly, I found out that the printer failed to print the last page. So, I went back to that pc and try to reprint lo. What the F**K, where my pendrive??? Sure that guy had taken it away. I just calm down. Then, I tried to open that pendrive which I thought that guy shall be taking instead of my pendrive. I found out that pendrive belonged to a girl actually. Then, why he took it pulak??? May be he was helping his friend to take it.

Asking here asking there..finally I got the contact number of that girl. Then, phoned her several times, but she didnt hold my call. After about half an hour, she phoned me. Blah,blah, the end, she actually didn't ask her friend to help her take the pendrive. I felt really disappointed and angry that time. Hopeless.. no more hopes to get back my pendrive. I returned back that pendrive to her, whilst hoping my pendrive will appear tomorrow which is very unlikely to happen.

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