Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good or Bad day...? (Friday: 20 June 2008)

I woke up very late's already 12.15p.m!!!..I asked could I sleep until lunch time? I felt it is really unforgivable moment I had done since I don't have much time lefts for me to enjoy my holiday..(sigh..2 days more, I don't reli reli enjoy actually)...perhaps I did enjoy all the dreams I had (any kind..^_^ haha)..but recently, I don't remember what I have dreamt at all..dunno why lo?? mebbe superrrrrrr tired guaa..
I have my hair cut today(free..hehe)... but before that, dsloong called me to make an usual lo.."daopin" "daopin" (ais kacang)..(dunno how many times he has been calling me for ''daopin")..1? 2? 3?(so many times until I can't remember)...but I only come twice..HAHA!! He was so enthusiastic to call me although he knew I won't come..(kan lah seng..haha(^_^)..See him so enthusiatic, I did come for it today...(of coz not me and him oli, other participants are itik, hsloke, ah moh, his husband(alan..haha) and ex-??(yvon..hehe)
Sighh..(I walk 150 m to there actually..-_- sueh..motor can't start lah after trying and trying..door locked and can't get my car key(lazy to call my sis to open the door)..becoz of this incident, I came late..when I reach...they have finished all their foods & drinks..sigghhhhhhh...ok, i forgive them becoz it's my fault to come late...what I can't forgive is that some of them asked me to pay(although I knw they are kidding laa except gnoolsd)..after finish, we went for Mr.Cendol..(3x Cendol Special(not special at all becoz my ''pulut'' was stole by yvon)...damn her..^-^...mee rebus besar(shared but 1/2 of it finished by dsloong until von complaint..haha) ended up dsl has to pay for yvon(she has learnt alot from dsloong..hahaha..exp: forgot bring wallet laa..haha)..
We went bck after that..Later, I fetch my mum to buy all the things I needed..I was so so blurrrr on the way bck to my hse..first, I forgot to bring bck my laptop at my sis's hse..2nd, I thought car air cond gas no more liao coz I felt so hot in the car(went to car accessories shop nearby for check up..I reli very malu(shy) coz I actually din turn on sth(dunno what tht thing calls) that was very very basic for a car driver..
That's all...lazy to write liao..tired..haha

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dsloong said...

oi.. not need put date la.. there got date already... next time learn from me more....

not ex la.. future.. haha