Monday, June 23, 2008

My first day of SEM 5...

After back to KL on sunday night, I have nothing to do..just clean out my room and arrange things I bring along..bad night actually coz can't on9...(actually wires problem(spoilt) due to heavy rain gua according to time's technician)..I have very bad dream..I can't remember clearly what my dream about..I oli know many people were chasing me..want to kill me..I jump frm somewhat like waterfall area..drain by water from waterfall(very high one)..I climb and jump..repeat the same thing more than 3 times in order to survive...hehe, I manage to survive at last...that waterfall area reli very very nice!..wat a FANTASY dream!!!..that dream actually very long one..but I can't remember..sighhhh..if not, can '"chia duai pao" a bit more..:P

Alarm rings..stop dreaming and go to school..the first day is not good at all although have nothing to do..just listen to briefing by Dean and is free..we are introduced again to many many workload..portfolio,project etc..
(it's SUXxx)..somemore got selectives subject(first come first serve basis..>_<)...needa queue for it somemore(sure lost my place to girls whoever sexy or not sexy at all this thursday) the afternoon, I went to have lunch with friends..I told my friend that I will take the same veges and meat as him to see whether we will get the same price or not coz cashier in our cafeteria count by seeing people friend's mixed rice costs RM 4 and I was a little bit cheaper (RM 3.80) though I have more quantity than him..hahaha:P

After finish classes at 5 p.m, go back online lo..xiak bah moh no jo(nth to do), den mah read dsl's and chiang's blog lo..dsl(father asked him to see chicks, he went to snap XXX video)..somemore is ANIMAL!!!(DOG(M) vs DOG(F))...speechless..:PPPPP

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