Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When you want something, it doesn't mean you can sure get it.

Today, it's still the same as yesterday, but I wake up late purposely because I can't find anything to do if I wake up early. What the bad consequence is that I can't remember my dream, whether a sweet or bad dream I don't really know it. Anyway, I do expect it was a bad dream since I have been having these bad dreams regularly.
From other point of view, I may look free but it will be going to end soon in fact. After back from school, I went to play futsal with my fellow friends. It was the first time I play futsal. Play somewhere at Pusat Arena Sukan, 10 minutes drive from bukit jalil stadium.I felt extremely tired due to lack of stamina. The payment was damn expensive, RM 50 per hour. We played for two hours only and there were 14 of us. Each team 5 people and oli one team 4 people with a keeper borrowed from the other team. My team got won and lost and I managed to score two goals for my team. Not bad. :P The worst was that I gave away two goals when I became a goalkeeper. Haha. I injured my left leg somemore, so kelian(pity)..T_T
Selective nomination is still in my thought. I don't really know what will happen on this thursday morning. Don't really want to be selected for a subject which I don't have interest at all. But it may happen because I can't control it.. Sighhhh.. Hope a good luck for me. Pray for me yea..hahaha:P . I don't need a pray from dsloong(:P) since he oli pray for his own good one. This is clearly seen on his wedding with chianyin..:PPPPPP

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