Saturday, June 28, 2008

Amazing Race IMU Edition

In the early morning of 26th June 2008 on thursday, I was taking part in Amazing Race organised by my batch B106. It was the first and the last race I took part. This race is much different from what the real Amazing Race is. ^_O. Basically, it was a race to fight for what we want, so-called ''selective course''. What made the race extremely exciting was the limited place of this course, subdivided into 4 subjects with each student only can choose their choice out of 4 choices and each choice is limited only to 28-30 seats. So and so, to get the first choice, everyone but not all out of 111 students queued up very early in front of IMU main entrance. HAHA!!! The first participant to reach is the president of this race(class leader). He was the first to reach past 11.55 p.m in 25th June 2008 although selective nomination time is at 8.30 a.m. At 12.10 a.m, the number of participants increased up to 24, and 28 at 12.20 a.m. Lol..I'm the 29th person to finish the Amazing Race IMU Edition!!! I wonder how super idiot fish I'm..swam with a speed of 25km/hr from my apartment to the IMU main entrance(nth but just a light..damn hot). Wait and wait with the rest "crazy" participants until 6a.m(without a sleep! X_X).. there were about 90 participants around 6 a.m and we all queued up at this time..only had entered IMU at 6.30 a.m..luckily, got aircond inside..we waited until 7.30 a.m(time when all the participants had reached)..went up to selective nomination hall then..took a nap coz the exact time for nomination was 8.30 a.m..
I had never thought to wait from 12.20 a.m until 8.30 a.m. But some people who were too excited turned the game to the other way round..If not, I still can have time to sleep to the fullest..anyway, I had got what I want and sacrifices paid off..although I scared "katak"..:P..the subject I got is so-called veterinary pharmacy..can study a lot of things(dog X dog, chick X rat, etc) from dsloong's lecture notes..hahahaha..:PPPPPP
Blahhh...blahhh..blahhhhh..27th June 2008...blahhhhhh blahhhh...28th June...blahhhhhh..29th June be continued..hahaha!!! ^_^ ii

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