Monday, June 23, 2008

Last day to enjoy..(21 June 2008)

Since not much time lefts, I plan to go swimming and watch movie titled ''Hulk Incredible" with Alan and Itik(Quek quek..:P) a day before I back to KL(hell)..We went to Marina Resort swimming pool as specially invited GUESTS(haha..actually, this swimming pool is for guest only..I repeat..GUESTS only..^_^)..but..we look like "pendatang haram" each time we walk nearby the swimming pool becoz we aren't guests mah..hehe..we pretend to be Connie Ding(dsloong's sis)'s guest who worked as sales manager there..haha!
There were activities being held on that day..for "Hari Keluarga"..but all (dsl's kaki..hahaha..:P)..we don't care laa..just quickly jump into swimming pool and enjoy lo..the water damn cool tat day..causing us to have difficulty in breathing..swim and swim and swim...we went out coz they want to give presents wor to all participants..somemore, so many participants walked ahead to swimming pool we went out lol..(wasting our opportunity to become pendatang haram even longer)..
Then, we went to newly opened cinema..once we have entered, POP CORN SMELL!!! yummy!!..we bought tickets(RM 8 per ticket) and then 3 moderate size pop corn(RM 3.80 each)..enter cold inside..hoho!! enjoy watching this regret at nice so nice!!! one people, I asked her go, but she doesn't want though she did say she will if I settle everything..What a waste!!! This girl I no need mention her name liao..everybody knws one..rather went to dsl's chicken farm rather than cheap..:P

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