Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blog Abandoned..I'm BACK!!!

Past few days, I'm busy with all my assignments..keep doing but is unfinishing..(WTF!) Lecture notes all thrown study at all!!! (Sooner has to resit exam..choi choi! )Sleeping in almost all lectures, only if the lecturers are kinda boring..Each day is around RM 100, how could I wasted it in such way..why don't I make use of it by paying attention? But no choice laa, I always fail to do so coz many lecturers with soft spoken language really make me sleepy!!! (I don't really sleep laa, eyes close and open alternatively without knew what's going on coz my brain is hibernating) :P
Today went to Puchong IOI mall with frens..watched newly released movie called "HANCOCK"..(cock is flying..hahaha..:P)..This movie quite funny, but exhausted of action..Ending is quite sienzz..overall is ok to watch..good job!!! (a word used by Hancock)...actually is celebrating my friend's birthday(he doesn't knw of it)..but he cannot come becoz his parents came far to see him the plan spoilt lo...
I want to say sorry if my blog is pictures, no videos and no songs...I promise will make it more interesting if I have digicam in the future..(if u say a blog without pictures is interesting, you are a big lyer ever)

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