Monday, July 7, 2008


Every thing has its price raised...after a month of "Tak Naik Campaign", I can feel the pain of spending money..especially on food..Last time, I used to spend around RM 6-7 daily, but now it no longer the same..I have to spend around RM 8-10 daily...excluding drinks..although the margin difference is only RM 2-3, anyway is around RM 60-90 per month..Imagine u can do a lot of things with that amount of money..can buy few packs of Durex brand condom..haha..:P . I feel like want to become dsl's Indon or even maid(if I have breasts)..haha..since his Indon workers were all so ''xing fu'' chicken rice every morning, free transport, free membership to become an actor(since he always take video and pictures of his workers), so on and so forth..hahaha..:P ..Rugi betul chian yin declined his mas perkahwinan..bigini kononnya..:P
Recently, sleep a lot..dont knw what has happened. around 10-12 p.m already fish alot of fishes..dun wan to be that way..KNS..

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dsloong said...

u also got breat wor,.. come la.. u gorek ayam taik.. i upah u.. 1 package rm0.80