Wednesday, July 23, 2008


What do people think about gender? Is that because he is male, he should be treated differently compared to female? Because she is female, she should be treated much better than a male? Of course we know female should be treated well in common..but sometimes, it's really unfair to male instead...
Lets take an example..a food stall, a mixed rice seller, either male or female will have different perception on his or her customers(male)..Mostly, because males are ''hamsap'', they always give a 'beautiful' to those customers who are female..this everyone knows laa..:P But a female mixed-rice seller other way round..terbalik pulak! ...gv a ''sux'' price to a male customer instead, but a nice price to a female...I'm not sure whether all females who selling food have that kind of mentality of not..but it happens to me..I used to buy a mixed rice(chinese) frequently from her..but she(mother and female menantu or daughter I'm not sure) always count me high high...kns betul..not only me, but other guys also..count girls cheap cheap one..I wonder...are they LESBIAN??? =_=""

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