Wednesday, July 30, 2008

29th July 2008

I went to play futsal with my frens after class. We went to Pusat Arena Sukan at kuchai lama. Only ten of us were playing this time. 5 vs 5 , lasting for 1.5 hours. We don't really take much break from the time the game has started till the end cause it's better to make full use of it since we were charged RM 90 for the entire game, each of has to pay RM 9. Again, I scored the first goal once the game has started but ended up with no scoring until the game has ended cause really tired to run and run. :P We came and back with a kancil. Imagine 5 peoples in one kancil, excluding the driver himself.
After midnight, I was debating with one of my friends who is chelsea fan basically via msn. We have debated for more than 1.5 hours, even longer than the time I spent on futsal. I was one who initiated it after I knew that chelsea only won 2-0 against Malaysia XI team. I kept convincing him to accept that chelsea wasn't as good as it was. But he turned back opposing my ManUtd. I'm lazy to talk so many about what we have been debating here. I admit I wasn't as good as dsl who can write for so so long. How can he done that? Super free LOL...:P There is no winner in the end. My fren offered me a draw and I accepted it cause don't want it to last even longer. I actually almost lose liao..keke.:PP..

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