Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm back....

Sorry coz never update my blog...I do want to write, but feel lazy and tired to write ..perhaps due to unsettled assignments..Somemore, I still can't solve my sleepiness...T_T...usually sleep during lectures, pretending I didn't sleep but I did sleep actually..even my friend who sits besides me did not notice that I was sleeping actually..of coz with the help of my spectacles lo..if not, they sure can see me sleeping...hehe :P
I dyed my hair last colour kononnya..coz can't tahan people saying my ''colourful'' hair..after dying, it seems not black at all..instead, all my hairs became even more colourful..u guess what colour? Brown colour and bit yellow lol...obvious to be seen in short distance..long distance in the presence of sunlight..anyway, it really too far, still safe coz never see my dean and ''strict'' lecturer..fux lo, according to IMU's rules and regulations, students are not allowed to dye their hairs..what a private U it is?? Reason..must act professionally...Now, I am one who had the longest and colourful hair in my course..tak peduli d..wait they tangkap me..hehe..:P

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