Sunday, July 20, 2008


I hv nth to do for today..I talk bout yesterdae lo..since now already 00.53 a.m..Nth much to write, so will write whatever lo...This afternoon, I went to buy fried rice..mamak near my place, located besides road..This small gerai has been opened for almost half yrs liao..and still can endure until today..reason: no matter what u sell(food) nearby IMU, u won't bancrupt one..u will earn as much as u wan..coz hard to find food here lo..What happening today was that I had waited about 40 minutes just to have my lunch : Nasi goreng cina + telur mata = RM 4..Kns, people came late than me got their food first..I have to wait even longer than them..what can I do lo? since he was busy preparing almost 30 packets of nasi goreng biasa/nasi goreng pattaya for his customers lo..each packet cost RM 3.5-RM4...he can earn lot jz in 30, stil got people order 10 packets of nasi pattaya after he almost finish preparing..if say nice o not, it's jz okok nia..can fill stomach already enuf..:P
In the evening, I went out to buy food for my dinner lo..this time, even more kns..I approached a new nasi lemak seller, jz wan to test since I hvn't try before..but when I reached near him, I jz look on packed nasi lemak on table..I was reli reli xtremely pack = one ''genggam''.. I can guarantee 3 yrs old children oso won't kenyang after eating it.. what had made feel shock and duran was that nasi lemak cost RM 2.50 per packet..I oso dun hv choice, since I was jz buy lo..Reli reli duran..dun hv pic to show..anyway, it's reli sux..even duran when I uncover it, it was oli a very little amount of white rice and one mouth of chicken..other than that, it did not contain other ingredients..I would never buy nasi lemak from there anymore..
Feel sympathy with dsl..he chianyin...he put alot of effort to get her..but ended up with ''romantic'' ending.. hahaha ..:P

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