Sunday, November 23, 2008

Past and Present

External hard disk spoilt. Thought it was a casing problem(pray so hard) but I was wrong in the end. Just fall it last few days and only noticed it a day after fallen. The bad thing is that I'm not in the scene when it fall by itself(approximately 1.2 m high). I thought it would be ok since I have hard disk bag covered it but it wasn't. So poor this brand(Seagate SATA). I think Seagate IDE is much better than this one. What to do lo..having take a very good care on it usually by putting it in a box each time after I use it(in kl). But that usual when I use it at home(a.t)...jz simply put it somewhere without putting it inside a box since i used it quite frequent...bang! bang! All my data(>140 GB) lost...need to wait 3 weeks for a is very important to me now as I kept all the new dramas and movies inside..How could I spend parts of my holiday without it? Sighh..

Trying to find something to do everyday, probably not an eat eat eat plan anymore...Just searching and watched a few ghost clips in youtube and plan to watch all those which are interesting at least..Show u a short clip below...some of u might have watch usual, make sure sound volume is about max...u will like it! Enjoy!!!

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