Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Something to write now...

I heard a strange sound 15 minutes ago around 1.10 a.m while I was chatting in msn. That sound really kinda scary. It sounded like a ghost crying sound. My heartbeat and breathing just stopped immediately once I heard it. I'm sure that is not a cat sound. Huhuh... Perhaps this is the consequence of watching ghost clips continuously in a whole day.

Ok..now write something funny. The funny thing is a sentence spoke by Iek to me, chian yin and ling zhou when reached his house. That time ling zhou fetched him back. Once Iek went down from the car, he told us that his mum will scold him if he has not had enough fun. In contrast, he said his mum doesn't mind, won't scold him and will be happy if he has had enough fun even if he played the whole day. I guess u all catch what I'm trying to say. Hahaha. ^^

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