Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The night of EOS

Just having a night buffet dinner with all my batch mates few hours ago. This dinner is specially made to celebrate the end of semester as well as to strengthen our bonding before we all have our own path in the future. It was celebrated at Izzy's cafe which is near to Pavillion and opposite to McDonald there. Each of us has paid quite lots but the food there were moderately okok only. Not so nice and less of variety of food. Only the cheesy pasta is the nicest which I never tasted it before. Hope to have a taste again in the future. Don't have any pictures to show you all since I don't have a camera(planning to buy a camera). Lotsa activities and fun there. One of the activities is present exchange. Unfortunately, my partner is XY. He sure happy with the present I gave which is 003. Quite sad coz I didn't get a present in exchange from him but it's ok. Still acceptable since he wasn't XX.


Chiang said...

lol i can imagine that XX is a bloody motherfucker since u can hate him, am i right?

lcyu said...