Monday, November 10, 2008

Break dance in the air!!!

When u see this picture, u may think that someone is showing his break dance skill. Haha. U are right! But, this guy was actually break dance in the air. He was more professional than any one else in the world who involved in break dance. Nobody can show off this kind of break dance unless he or she is belong to this group of people. This dance was shown on last few days near my apartment which is just next to where I stay. I can see this dance through my room's window. But, unfortunately, I was sleeping that time. The next early morning when I woke up, I saw police car. The scene was just like what u all seen in CSI. Hehe. I guess u all get what I meant
I guess he had taken too much 'ice' yesterday and felt peaceful to the world. Or other reasons..

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