Sunday, November 30, 2008

Play safe!

I know most of you might have try to use a condom before and some of you might already expect on how to use it! However, humans do make a mistake sometimes. He or she may miss out some important steps. May be too excited until cincai mari. So, what are the important steps when using a condom??

1. Open the package carefully so you don't damage the condom.
2. Press the air out of the condom tip before putting it on.
An air bubble can cause the condom to tear or come off.
3. If you are not circumcised, make sure the foreskin is pulled back before you put on the
4. As you unroll the condom down over the entire penis, make sure there is enough room-at
least a half inch of space at the tip for semen(air mani) to collect.
Some condoms have a reservoir tip that solves the problem. Check the package!
5. Smooth out air bubbles to make sure the condom fits securely.
6. After having fun, hold the condom tightly at the rim and pull out slowly while the penis is still
hard so the semen does not spill out.
7. Never recycle. If you put it on incorrectly, always start over with the new one.

Take a few minutes.....


Not like this!!!

But this......

Have fun!!!


MinGSiE said...

wat happened??
floatin fish bcome pervert..
ehemmmm..muz be somethin happens in the middle..

looi said...

yu wan to teach u,minc how to use ma...