Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Robbery at Ayer Tawar!

A robbery took place at Shell Station Ayer Tawar on last monday around 1.55 p.m! This picture shows a male around 25 to 30 years of age was pretending to buy something inside the Shell shop. You might think this person was a female. But you are wrong, he actually was wearing a fake hair(clever lo..mebbe he was a pondan..haha) and he wore thick clothes(to store parang and money probably)..Walking with slipper somemore! He robbed by himself without partners and that time there was only a cashier girl inside the shop..However, there were still many people in and out to pump petrol and diesel outside including the workers..Probably he was a drug addict!! Doing such a bravery attempt! This man managed to escape with just RM 400 (coz taukeh's wife too kiamsiap...already prepared and kept the money...hahax)...If not...I think this man sure hehehe d..

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