Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trip to Genting

Quite busy to update my blog recently. Don’t really have time to write although I do have few things to post. Plan to post yesterday but my house’s tmnet line restricted me to do so(the line damn sux, sometime ok, but sometime can’t work at all).

First of all, I will write about my trip to Genting which I went on 12th November 2008 with batch mates. Genting, as everyone knows is a place full of entertainment. But I guess everyone of us has lose the feeling of going there for entertainment since there is not much changed been made there, especially the games there. Corkscrew, flying coaster, space shot, bumper car and so on…what else we can play other than these?? No right…so just repeating what we have played before there and it’s damn boring lo. More you play; your heart beat will slow down even further even though the games do need courage to play like space shot and corkscrew(yee fang scared lo...hahax)

It’s more frustrating the day I went there, whereby most of the games are out of service. But one game which I would remember was the Fun Cart. We played before, but that time the F1 I got was damn slow. The introductory recorded sound about this Fun Cart is quite funny. The speaker was a Malay guy. He said, “This is Fun Cart, not Gold Cart and not Bumper Car…Ini untuk suka-suka, bukan untuk lumba-lumba..”. I really enjoy this time coz the F1 I had chosen was fast. It’s No.16, remember..haha..

Other F1s were quite fast also (No.7, No.8, No.11, No.15). Supposedly I choose No.7, but one Malay guy was even faster than me. In the end, all F1s had been taken except one leaved in the end and that’s what I took..No.16! I still remember I gone through many laps and lumba sama No.7..hahax..He kept blocking me in the front…damn lol..but near the sharp corner there, I took advantage by turning 360o when both of us were driving near to each other at the same speed. I managed to potong him..hehe..

Ok. Now I will talk about my first time experience in casino. I did not play for the first entry. Just observing around since I have not been there previously. I still remember last time, have been trying so many times in order to enter..but failed to enter in each trial. That time with looi, we searched many holes to get in…but it was disappointing..Lol…this time…the guard did not check me for the first entry…den later after midnight…I went again with friends and this time was checked by the guard. Kns, just show him the IC lo..

There were many elderly in casino rather than adults. One thing which shocked me was that a 80 years of age women was playing “lau hu gi” there. That’s still ok…I still can accept..but she was sitting on her wheelchair and play! Some other elderly people were quite samseng oso…playing with both their foot on the machine. Huhu…see, elderly people are even more addicted than us…

I don’t know anything about any games inside…For me, it’s quite complicated to involve in any games there and I think that I do need lot of money if I want to join.. Many type of games are offered there such as roulette, three pictures, money wheel, french boule, touchbet-roulette, pontoon(internationally popular banking game Twenty-One, best known form of Blackjack in American actually differs from Blackjack in which it’s much more complicated), three card poker and tai sa(aka sic bo..if read in hockchew…damn funny lol..haha).

Out of all the games, I played this tai sai lo. I guess everyone knows this game lo. For those don’t know, it’s actually a game played with 3 dice where you predict the numbers on the dice once they are being shaken. I’m not so familiar with this game but just play only lo..The minimum bet for each time is RM 10 lo…damn big the amount..It’s still ok for those who work but not for students like us.. I thought I can win geh since this was the first time I played in the end, I ended up losing the money without any win in every round…I bet came out small..I bet small..I came out big…F**K

One of my friends quite lucky…won in the first game and continually won until he earned around RM 70-80. Then, he started to lose gradually once the person in charge has been changed..initally was a guy…den changed to a girl..that girl damn fierce lol…he lost all the money he had earned plus additional RM 10..Just assume the money we lost for charity lolx..

At night dinner, we ate at the first world hotel café…many variety of food there…I think I had tried most of food there...nicer than theme park hotel restaurant..damn full..(it will be a heaven for dsl..hahax)..

It’s all about my trip to genting..two days one night…Hoping to go with you all one day…bring back lotsa money..hahax..


MinGSiE said... where can beat tiger..only mamalia can fight with time muz wait till tricky monkey is there..den only go tricky monkey can kills learnt the lesson lol

lcyu said...

this monkey tau eat food nia..mana boleh eat money..