Monday, November 10, 2008


I have dreamt many weird dreams during the exam period. This is usual me. It's impossible that I don't have dreams. Does dream a nice thing to have? Some may feel it was nice to have a dream but some may not feel the same. One thing I don't really understand is that all my dreams are related to death. Death like I may not survive in my dream. I was almost been killed in all my dreams, but I survived in all dreams in the end. Oh gosh...why this kind of dreams happened so frequently? Am I too stress? Or this is a sign of having schizophrenia???
Lets me tell u some of my dreams which happened a few days ago...a short summary
1) This dream is about a big biawak found in drain in Ayer Tawar(mebbe I read chiang's blog
about the biawak a day before I dream..haha). While I was driving motor passing
through a small wooden bridge, suddenly a big biawak emerged and pulled down the person
who was driving in front of me. I was quite fortunate to be able to survive. Lotsa adrenaline
rush here. Unfortunately, he was dead. Following the incident, the biawak started to attack
most of the houses in Ayer Tawar.
2) This dream is about swimming. However, this time is different. We(jenan, itik, looi, dsl, alan,
ming sie and me) went to swim in middle of deep sea(ombak quite strong one) underneath a
bridge. Level upgraded already..haha:P. This dream not so scary but funny instead. Ming sie
who doesn't knw how to swim jumped first, while I was stil thinking whether to jump o not.
She was the first to jump. God blesses her. She was shouting like a pig(giu wai ah, giu wai
ah..(help me..)..Then, jenan became a hero lo, jumped in and saved her. Later I
jumped in, haha..I feel nothing..breath like on the ground..and actually, the sea depth is only 2
metres like that.
3) The next dream happened on today. This time, chiang involved too. This dream is like a war
between two groups of people(black and white gua). Chiang is our leader. This dream
happened at kg jering. Got kolam here(people used to rear fishes here before, but I guess now
no more dy). Got three kolam here(depth, moderately depth and small depth). We were
fighting in small kolam one. One of the opponents drove a bus and show off. He was driving
like a roller coaster around the kolam. Damn fast oso in reversing way. Haha. Not so
remember this dream so can't write more. Jz roughly write only.

My dreams really weird. Hoping to have more sweet dreams rather than this kind of dreams.


dsloong said...

no wet dream? u songsa who?

MinGSiE said...

stup fish..even dreaming oso say im a pig...but this pig reli brave enuf to jump..haha..i was wondering..u r fish..y u did not jumpped in to save me??

アラン様 said...

Get yourself a GF lo. Then every night dream about her only lo. Then no more biawak, fighting and so on.

Y.L.Lok said...

hahaha...kinda funny lor reading ur post about ur weird dreams...
luckily not wet dream as mentioned by dsloong...if do have also,won't post up lar...enjoy it alone...haha...

i oso have weird dream to share but this dream is really very2 weird coz i dream it over and over again, the same thing...
this dream teeth keep on dropping and dropping non stop (infinity)...i dream it several times liao...
got people said it could means it's a long life...but it's just a dream lar...

lcyu said...

cibai, I'm not so durai like u..everyday pcc until testes shrinks..

lcyu said...

ming sie: coz u reli a pig mah..haha..why i didn't jump? If i jump, I will transform into to save u then since I can't jump out?? Furthermore, u so heavy, how to carry u..haha

アラン様: Who is her? Like tat, I need ur help to get a GF for me lo..Before that, train it to max level first..

y.l.lok: haha..funny lor..somemore, u can dream so frequently..very rare people can repeat the same dream.

アラン様 said...

Train it to max level first? What "it" you refer to??
You mean your "little bro" down there??