Saturday, November 15, 2008

11th November 2008

On 11th November 2008, I went to bitch house to take some HK drama series. Pinky, pig, monkey..whatever la..haha..Later, suddenly rain heavily. Bitch then called durai asked him whether got any plan or not. Durai said no plan and just asked us to go McD. Then, bitch said wanna watch movie at cinema. So went there but all the movies not so nice. Supposedly want to watch Quarantine, but yet available. In the end, we didn’t buy any ticket since other movies also not so exciting. That time still rain very heavily and we have not meet up with durai yet who was waiting us at McD. He kept calling us, asking where we were....when he played a mother’s role??? :P

Then, we went to a pharmacy shop near The Store there. Unexpectedly, that bitch buy so many 003…transparent and got emotions one…haha..We reached McD then and that durai carried an umbrella ran towards my car while I kept driving since he always did the same to me. It’s unbelievable that durai also needs an umbrella. Hahax. Actually, he was kind-hearted; he actually brought it for that bitch instead of me. That time still raining. Then, we went to kopitiam lo..Cibai durai, purposely guided me the wrong way.

I ordered tom yam nyok in coconut and ice kacang lo. Bitch also ordered the same..since she was also known as pig…she can’t escape of pig’s behaviour and so she ordered additional fried rice. That durai bit clever whereby he ordered tom yam seafood. Actually, tom yam seafood and nyok were almost the same..just one inside a coconut and one inside a bowl. However, the major difference is that seafood has more seafood than nyok.

My tom yam nyok

Durai's tom yam seafood

Bitch's fried rice

Top: Bitch(Bigger) ; Left bottom: Me(small) ; Right bottom: Durai(biggest) we went to Maybank nearby coz that bitch wants to withdraw money. As usual, that durai followed her lo.. I waited inside the car about 15 minutes but they yet come out. Then I just went in…bitch maybank card got problem..invalid account..etc..called for help and then settled after 30 minutes. I thought that bitch will only spend 30 minutes for make-up, but she withdrawn money also take such long. :P

Then went to McD. That bitch expensed us MiloMcFlurry and we ate slowly in front of her. Her saliva kept dripping. :P.. Later, went to durai’s house. This time we curi-curi take some pictures behind his car. Lotsa water kept coming out at the back of his car just like urinating. That bitch took so many but only few boleh pakai nia. Here the pictures.

Kencing sikit-sikit

Kencing manyak-manyak

When almost reached his house, he suddenly turned to the right..This time I almost kena accident. I reversed my car in order to follow him and forgot to see behind. A big mistake again! Luckily, I heard horn horn..if not, sure die this time. This was a bad memory because I had accident last time due to the same mistake. Thanks god! We still went to his house. Figure out one thing in his house which was about his youngest brother. He spoke so soft to his sister but extremely rude to durai. Bitch told me one.That’s all.


Chiang said...

so nice u guys having fun!!!

looi said...

wait for me. i'm going to have my holiday soon!!!! erh!!!!!

lcyu said...

quickly back..lack of people people..can't plan and enjoy

MinGSiE said...

wei..stup useless fish..STOP CALLING ME B****!!!!

zhou said...

wait for me ya!!! next friday i'm back!!