Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another dream..

Nothing to write, so I will write about my dream again. Can't remember what I dream on previous two days but remember what I dream last night.

I dream of having exam during secondary school day. I had this kind of dream last time. But what I dream today is about different subject. Last time I dream sitting for add. math test. Now, I dream having English test and the teacher who monitored us was Pn.Liew.

Actually I felt nervous in both dreams. In the first dream, I came late and that time Mr.Ding was the one who monitored us. In second dream, I knew I probably have fail the English test because there's changes have been made on the main question. Without knowing what has been changed, I can't really proceed. U knew why? Because I didn't pay attention to what she has said about the changes. We were not allowed to ask for a repeat again. Knowing I can't do anything and that I definitely will fail, I woke up immediately from my dream. I realized that I was dreaming actually and did not fail in the test. Relieved...

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